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Holistic wellness copywriter and content writer from India.

Hi, I am Susheel, a freelance copywriter and SEO content writer from Maharashtra, India.

I help professionals and businesses promote their services or products online using informative and persuasive content.

My experience as a freelance content writer.

I have been writing quality content for private clients as well as content marketers and agencies for more than a decade.

As a freelance content writer in India, I have written content mainly for the health, nutrition, alternative medicine, mental health,  self-development, spirituality, etc. as these are my specialty topics.

However, I have also written content for other industries including hospitality, travel, real estate, education, marketing, fashion, and many more.

From passion to profession!

I always enjoyed reading. I read on topics ranging from superhero comics, detictive stories, horror novels, to nature, wildlife, holistic health, mental health, self-improvement, spritituality, etc.

I also enjoyed writing. Whether it was a personal letter or a school essay, I enjoyed the process of putting thoughts onto paper in a creative way.

Little did I know then that this interest will turn into a profession.

My writing philosophy.

To me, it is all about conveying the message in a clear, inspiring, and convincing way to the reader.

My language is simple and straightforward so that people can grasp the meaning effortlessly. My writing style is mostly flowing and conversational unless it is some kind of formal write-up.

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